The essential role of Banking Technology in responding to the global pandemic

Webinar by WISDOM

2nd June, 2020
10am GMT/ 11am

About Event

The way the world interacts with finance is changing, and the way that banks and institutions work internally must adapt to survive. Technology is at the heart of this. Fintech trailblazers were just one beginning. Internal tech departments have also led the way in what is now the core of advanced banking. Together, with leading advisors, they seek solutions for smart cities, blockchain, cybersecurity, crises, behavioural shifts, regulation, AI and an ever-changing future.

This new dawn for money changes the game for interconnectivity, partnerships and competition. It brings fresh opportunities and revolutionary risks. We are meeting your needs of industry networking and the space to discuss, ask and answer questions- with a new era for events. Welcome to Moneytek.

Our online platform uses the best of the kind of virtual meeting tech you will be familiar with, in a programme based around meeting business needs through interactive discussion.

Who will attend:

• Key financial market decision makers, from banks, investment firms, brokerages, card providers, payment platforms, fund managers, insurance companies etc
• CTOs, CIOs, COOs and Technology departments of banks
• C Suite and founders of fintech, banktech and other technology companies
• Established Fintech investors and new market entrants
• Forthright analysts, researchers, press, and consultants
• Government and regulators looking to stay on top of how technology is changing finance
• Leading fintech and banking associations

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• Showcase thought leadership, expertise, and the reasons why peers can rely on you
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• Stay connected with existing clients and reach new global customers
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Why Attend?

• Stay up to date with risks and opportunities in unprecedented global times
• Cutting-edge insights from industry leaders on global trends, projects and predictions
• Find expert solutions to pressing problems, fast
• Stay connected with market leading experts
• Build your network of high level contacts throughout the industry
• Panels, live Q&A sessions, direct messaging, follow-ups and polls bring unprecedented interactivity to the webinar format

Preliminary Agenda

• The importance of technological innovation to maintain operations and find solutions
• How has Covid-19 affected the market outlook for technology in banking? What sort of opportunities are on the horizon?
• Operational and Technological resilience in response to crises
• Developing crisis response tools
• Building alliances for efficient and effective crisis management


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